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Please use the Registration number (In Upper Case) which is printed in Employment Exchange identity card by prefixing with your exchange code.For example you have registered at Chennai Professional Exchange, your card number printed as 1996M00216 (In case you are a women candidate use "F" in the place of "M" while logging in.For eg: if the old Employment Registration is W/7054/1998 log in as CHP1998F00007054),and your password will be your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) in this pattern.
"To convert the Employment Offices into Centres of Excellence for Empowerment of Youth."

     The portal provides online registration, renewal and updation for jobs seekers,Online data base of 89 Lakhs jobseekers for prospective employers, facilitates manpower planning and analysis through effective implementation of Employment market Information and promotes coordination between manpower supply and demand by rendering assistance to job seekers through Vocational guidance.

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